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Knee Massager

[Knee + Thigh + Calf]


Normally, it acts as a knee protector, but once you connect the controller,

it transforms into knee massager Knee! are you going to just protect it?
From now on, you don't need other massage machines.
Start knee training with Knee massager which contains muscular and massage modes

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2022 REAL EMS (03).jpg
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2022 REAL EMS (12).jpg

Simply you can wear the REAL EMS in any places

Men and women of all ages are able to use it! All members of family can use this Knee Massager!

Regardless of age and sex, people who feels pain or uncomfortableness on their knee, what they need is muscular exercises
Diverse modes can be selected and the REAL EMS Knee Massager is good enough for doing massages and it also maximizes the efficiency of the exercises

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You can start the REAL EMS
while you are watching TV!
Start REAL EMS right now!


Maximize the exercise effectiveness
by working with exercises!

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Applicable area

Product Composition

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