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The perfect EMS trainer


Anytime! Anywhere! Anybody! The perfect EMS trainer!
Introducing the REAL EMS

2022 REAL EMS (04).jpg

Champion belt

[Abdomen + Back]

2022 REAL EMS (03).jpg


 [Knee + Thigh + Calf]

REAL EMS Shoulder Massager (08).jpg

Shoulder Massager


REAL EMS-A All-in-One pad_01.jpg

All-in-One pad


REAL EMS vs Normal EMS

Normal EMS equipment! What's the problem?

Now just wear it on your back!

You can feel the stimulation that you can only feel from expensive entire body EMS equipment.
Now you can feel it from anywhere! In anytime!

#REAL EMS_001.png
#REAL EMS_002.png

REAL EMS is Safe

The safe EMS that was recognized globally!

We have received certificates from the FDA, FCC, and CE

#REAL EMS_003.png

The certificates of the the REAL EMS

#REAL EMS_004.png

The Seoul city selected and guaranteed
the REAL EMS as the best product

Selceted as the best product in Seoul Awards in 2020, 2021

The REAL EMS's competitive advantages and product potentials made the REAL EMS

to be selected as the best product in 2020 and 2021.
In Seoul Award, many of experts in various industries selected the best product with strict rules. 

#REAL EMS_005.png

Reducement of percentage body fat & Abdominal fat
Improvement of back and abdominal skin liftings

Now we are showing the clinical test results of REAL EMS

we requested the assessment of the efficacy of the REAL EMS to GMRC organization and we proved the fact that the REAL EMS is effective for
reducing the percentage of body fat & abdominal fat and improving abdomen liftings

#REAL EMS_006.png

We proved effectivenss of the REAL EMS through the clinical tests Trust it and use it

Report of clinical test

The response from the survey after utilization of the REAL EMS device

#REAL EMS_007.png

High quality of our EMS gives trust to customers

Toxical substances & fabric test

It was recognized and commissioned as a safe and accurate quality product from the KQT Korea Quality Test Institute and the FITI Test Institute

#REAL EMS_008.png

Differentiated EMS Training
REAL EMS, the low frequency exercise device

My own trainer will start special exercises for me!

It is not the normal EMS machine which uses the gel pads. It stimulates the muscle diretly and we also successfully completed the diverse clinical tests.
We provide the After Service (AS) for 2 years from the date of purchase, and since we don't use the gel pads, it does not require maintenance costs.
Therefore, customers highly satisfy on our products for these competitive advantages. Beyond the simple apperance and easy operation method,
our REAL EMS is perfectly designed to function as a personal training coach and massager 

#REAL EMS_009.png
#REAL EMS_010.png

We recommend the REAL EMS to these people

Anytime! Anywhere! Anybody! The perfect EMS trainer!

Start the REAL EMS right now!

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#REAL EMS_012.png
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