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All-in-One Pad



The All-in-One pad will stay with you all day. Now just wear it on your arm!
Healthy and safe low-frequency stimulation device will help your muscle's
contraction and relaxation! The smart REAL EMS All-in-One pad
You are able to use it on your thigh and calf

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Actor Geum Kwang-San (09).jpg
REAL EMS-A All-in-One pad.jpg
REAL EMS-A All-in-One pad_02.jpg

Simply you can wear the REAL EMS in any places

The REAL EMS will help you

People who wants to get massages by yourself! 
Who are in concern for doing diet for their fats on arm and thigh!

Now start it through REAL EMS All-in-One pad!


You can start the REAL EMS
while you are watching TV!
Start REAL EMS right now!


Maximize the exercise effectiveness
by working with exercises!


Applicable area

Product Composition

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