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Champion Belt

[Abdomen + Back]


The Champion belt is the perfect trainer which can be used together with exercises! Now just try it on your back!
Successfully completed the clinical trials for the reduction of the body fats, abdominal fats and improvement of abdominal skin liftings.

2022 REAL EMS (04).jpg
2022 REAL EMS (01).jpg
2022 REAL EMS (15).jpg
2022 REAL EMS (11).jpg

Simply you can wear the REAL EMS in any places

REAL EMS, it is differentiated low frequency exercise equipment

Now just wear it on your back!

You can feel the stimulation that you can only feel from expensive entire body EMS equipment.
Now you can feel it from anywhere! In anytime!

002. [리얼EMS 챔피온 벨트] TV시청.gif

You can start the REAL EMS
while you are watching TV!
Start REAL EMS right now!


Maximize the exercise effectiveness
by working with exercises!

004. [리얼EMS 챔피온 벨트] 플랭크.gif

Applicable area

Product Composition

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